Kelly Vedovelli pissed off live in TPMP and knocks out Cyril Hanouna!

Kelly Vedovelli lets go live in TPMP and knocks out her boss Cyril Hanouna! Here is the video of the clash running on the networks.

Kelly Vedovelli, the young columnist, obviously forgot that she was on the air since she did not hesitate to call her boss a “bastard” in the middle of the show. Back to this already cult sequence.

Danielle Moreau’s new hairstyle at the heart of the TPMP sequence.

Cyril Hanouna has realized his dream, he is one of the best French padel players. He is 276th and does not intend to stop there because he says he wants to train hard to find a place in the top 100.

Which gives him the idea of ​​a sequence where the chroniclers must tell him if they have dreams.

A sequence which was not very successful because the dreams of the various columnists were not to the taste of Cyril Hanouna. When Matthieu Delormeau says he wants to take his place or, at worst, sleep with him, Géraldine Maillet talks about spending the night in a glamorous campsite. Dreams not particularly interesting, therefore, except for Kelly Vedovelli.

But when moving on to Danielle Moreau, Cyril Hanouna stops the sequence. He doesn’t like her makeup or her hairstyle. The columnist seems to agree with him. However, she changed her hair color for him, since he was convinced that she would have success with her blonde dye, she who is usually brunette. The columnist regrets that this change has had no impact on her love life, but Cyril Hanouna asks her to be patient.

Do not touch my post: Suddenly, Kelly Vedovelli intervenes and does not mince his words: “Cyril you are a bastard. You make her change her haircut and you don’t maintain it! Shocked, the host asks his columnist if she is speaking to him before adding that Danielle Moreau is not a dog and that she does not need to be maintained.

The one who plays Bella in the Gims clip then clarifies her thoughts by saying that she needs to shampoo purple so that her color keeps all its shine. And obviously, Danielle Moreau was not aware of this subtlety.

Cyril Hanouna and Kelly Vedovelli as a couple?

In 2019, it was announced in the media that Cyril Hanouna is no longer with his partner Emilie. In the show, the host does not address the issue. He who loves to laugh so much at the marriages (and divorces) of Benjamin Castaldi or the love life of Matthieu Delormeau does not talk about his separation live on television. He is the facilitator, after all, he is the one in charge.

But would Cyril Hanouna have stories, since 2019? A persistent rumor has been circulating all over social media. After a photo of a dinner between Cyril Hanouna and columnist Kelly Vedovelli circulated on the Internet, press articles multiplied to mention this possible romantic relationship.

In Touche pas à mon poste, the subject is not mentioned, whereas the columnists are accustomed to reacting to rumors concerning them, or information about the show that is buzzing on Twitter. Yet nothing. Cyril Hanouna does not even deny and waits for the rumor to calm down, on its own.

Which is not to please viewers who try to glimpse the relationship between the two alleged lovers. Moreover, some notice that the articles which speak of this possible union are quickly deleted. What suggest to Internet users that Cyril Hanouna is not for nothing.

Cyril Hanouna officially single

Don’t touch my post: Since this rumor remains a rumor, Cyril Hanouna no longer hesitates to address his celibacy on the show. He who is usually modest has decided several times to announce that he was single and that he intended to remain so. »

Kelly Vedovelli

Out of respect for the people who accompanied me, I remain single for at least two years (…)” I tell you, I am not in this field. I’m in business. Work, work, work (…) Out of respect for the people who were with me, for now really,” he said.

We can see in the insult of Kelly Vedovelli a mark of affection which came out on its own and which shows that the two colleagues are finally quite close. In the meantime, whether they are a couple or not, nothing is official.

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