Kad Merad: his secrets about his daily life with Julia Vignali

Kad Merad was the guest of Vivement Dimanche this Sunday, September 11. The opportunity for him to make some secrets about his life as a couple with Julia Vignali.

Kad Merad and Julia Vignali have been a happy couple for seven years. Both are very discreet about their private life and it is very rare that they make confidences. This Sunday, September 11, it is the comedian who was the guest of Long live Sunday. Come to present the last film in which he plays, Kad Merad took the opportunity to discuss his daily life with the host of Telematin. Michel Drucker first asked his guest if he gets up as early as his companion, since, as a reminder, Julia Vignali has to leave her bed at 3:30 a.m. What the main concerned replied, with a lot of humor: “I have to look at my wife. Besides, I’m watching Thomas Sotto”he said before adding: “I put an electronic bracelet on him”. A conversation that may seem suspicious but which actually follows comments made by Julia Vignali on June 20. “This morning, our guest is not David Guetta, not at all, it’s Philippe Caverivière. You look so much like her”, she had first launched. “When I’m abroad, they take me for David Guetta. Sometimes I go to Las Vegas and he mixes in the hotel. So the girls come to see me and they say to me: “Are you David Guetta ?”“, had replied Philippe Caverivière. For his part, Thomas Sotto had fun by saying: “You know it’s often priced girls in Las Vegas, at your peril“. A statement very noticed by Kad Merad.

Julia Vignali and Kad Merad preferred to opt for discretion, even if they sometimes think of each other and to tackle each other during broadcasts. On September 8, it was on the Télématin set that the host spoke about her companion. In the first part, the journalist Anne-Claire Poignard evoked an auction around the film Jurassic Park. She then wanted to give the floor to Thomas Sotto and his sidekick. “Julia, Thomas, have you ever dreamed of having a dinosaur in your living room?, she asked them. To which Thomas Sotto first asserted: “Of course, again tonight!”. For her part, Julia Vignali said: “Obviously… But I have one in my living room“. In a very teasing mood, as usual, the host continued: “A talented dinosaur?he asked Julia Vignali who clarified: “Yes. I’m thinking of my husband!”she amused. “I hope he’s not awake”, said Thomas Sotto, surprised by such a statement. Did the host and Kad Merad get married in secret? A little confidence that has not gone unnoticed by viewers.

Kad Merad: how did he meet Julia Vignali?

Julia Vignali and Kad Merad form a very fulfilled couple, but they very rarely confide in their private lives. Guest of RTL in 2019, the comedian had agreed to discuss his meeting with his companion. “Is it true that you met on the set of C à vous, when she replaced Anne-Sophie Lapix in 2014? asked Eric Dussart. “The first time I approached her physically was there. I won’t say after how it went”, Kad Merad replied before adding: “Julia Vignali whom I had seen, and… In short, don’t start bothering me, otherwise I’ll take you out of the files, Eric Dussart”. Slightly reassembled, the comedian had continued by saying that he wanted to talk about his career and not his private life. “I prefer to talk to you about what I’m going to do at the Cesars”, he said before specifying:And then we don’t necessarily highlight this story. We have a family life, children. And I don’t want to tell everything“. That has the merit of being clear.

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