A breakdown paralyzes Disneyland Paris!

News hardware A breakdown paralyzes Disneyland Paris!

It’s panic at Disneyland Paris, computer systems have caused a serious breakdown in the busiest amusement park in Europe. While most people are pissed off, some did.

Another breakdown at Disneyland Paris

History seems to repeat itself. The Disneyland Paris amusement park finds itself once again paralyzed by a general outage which has affected many computer devices. The payment system within the park is thus completely out of order. People therefore flock to the various distributors to pay in cash. Result: the most popular attractions of this afternoon are ATMs. Endless queues have thus formed pushing some people to leave.

The worst part of this situation is the customers who were in the restaurant and therefore cannot pay by credit card. He is therefore forced to leave the table and queue at a distributor. Many Internet users have expressed their dissatisfaction, especially coming from the most visited amusement park in Europe.

Internet ends at Disneyland Paris

It was learned that it was a widespread internet shutdown that caused this panic in the park. Except that beyond payment terminals, many services require a login. We are thus left with the entire reservation system for out-of-service attractions. Back to the good old method of queuing for over an hour.

The app also ended up not working. It is therefore impossible to access all the advantages, including instant booking of course. A real aberration that there is no backup system or effective fallback in the event of such a situation. Especially since this is not the first breakdown for the French fleet.

Service is coming back little by little, but not evenly. Some are reporting to places in the park that payments are still not possible while others are succeeding. But it did the trick for some lucky ones.

Lucky and unlucky at Disneyland Paris

A user explains that people wishing to take a privilege ticket, unable to pay, found themselves getting it for free. A welcome gesture of goodwill in view of the situation. Although everyone who paid must have it a little bad. For the moment, the Parisian amusement park has not communicated on the reasons for this network failure.

The communication department therefore remains silent, but so does the sales department. Customers who wanted to go to the help desk found themselves in front of closed doors or people redirecting them to the site, in the “contact us” section.

Top tip for people heading to Disneyland Paris in the next few days: take cash. This is the only thing that will allow you to avoid endless queues at the distributor in the event of a new network malfunction. However, it will not help you to place a reservation for an attraction.

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