French Cup: The Posters of the 2nd round

French Cup: The Posters of the 2nd round

The posters for the 2nd round of the Coupe de France have been unveiled by the Districts. The meetings are scheduled for this Sunday, September 4.

The Draw by District:

Regulatory reminders :

In addition, you will find below the information to remember in the context of the first 3 rounds. As a reminder: the matches being managed by the League, all the documents and information relating to them must imperatively be communicated to the League.

In the event of a municipal decree (impassable terrain) :

Don’t wait for Saturday!

  • The match is reversed if the ground of the opposing club can accommodate
  • The receiving club has the possibility of finding a fallback ground (optimizing the synthetic pitches of neighboring municipalities)
  • If the club cannot have land, the club is out of the Coupe de France.

There will be no postponements to later dates. because the first 3 rounds follow one another and from the 3rd round this comes to impact the national competitions.

The state of the pitches will not worsen by Saturday, so it is important to anticipate the pitch problem (inversion at opponent’s or fallback ground).

Regarding team compositions and the conduct of meetings :

  • For the first 2 rounds: Possible registration of 16 players on the FMI – Only 3 substitutes can be used – With the rule of the replaced substitute
  • For the 3° 4° 5° and 6° round: Possible registration of 16 players on the FMI – Only 3 Substitutes can be used – Without the rule of the replaced substitute
  • No extension at the end of regulation time, the teams will decide according to the regulation of shots on goal.

Regarding the Computerized Match Sheet (IMF) :

The clubs have the obligation to use the IMF for the matches of the regional competitions including for the Coupe de France of this weekend (Article 62 of the RG LBF). Non-use of the IMF and late transmission are sanctioned by financial provisions (€25 fine in the event of non-use or non-transmission of the IMF within the deadlines).

Don’t wait until Sunday to put the tablets into service – Don’t forget that the preparation for meetings is done on the FMI site and that in order to be able to manage the FMI without difficulty, you must first check the configuration of the user accounts for the IMF – Use IMF

WARNING : This is a national competition, check that the account of the manager who will be with the team on Sunday has his account set up correctly.

If the tablet malfunctions:

  • Provide a paper match sheet + the “Companion Footclubs” Application for verification of licenses (or failing that, an edition of Footclub licenses).
  • The home club must transmit the Match sheet and the score via Footclubs
  • Inform the League’s competition service of the malfunction by official messaging, specifying the reason for the malfunction of the IMF and transmitting the information of the match

The IMF must be transmitted 4 hours maximum after the meeting and the qualifiers must be known on Monday for the draw for the 2nd round.

Accuracy for drawing subsequent rounds :

In the event of a match reversal or a match on neutral ground, it is always the initial draw that is taken into account for the next draw.

Calendar reminder :

  • 3rd round: September 11, 2022
  • 4th round: September 25, 2022
  • 5th round: October 9, 2022
  • 6th round: October 16, 2022

Communication :

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