OM sale: The affair set up from scratch?

For a year, rumors around the sale of Olympique de Marseille have been feeding the web and social networks. But no serious source is yet at the origin of this file that Frank McCourt continues to deny. What if it was all just wind?

The hashtag #SaleOM has the wind in its sails.

On the web and social networks, Marseille supporters are watching for the slightest clue around the sale of Olympique de Marseille. Because for the past year, information has been circulating regularly on this theme. Originally, we find a journalist, Thibaud Vezirian.

A year ago, the one who works in particular for the Canal group publicly declared that everything was set for the sale of OM, that Frank McCourt had sold his club to a new investor. And that things were going to be formalized soon. Except that for a year, nothing happened. Even if the rumors are picking up again…

No serious confirmation

After Thibaud Vérizian, it is the turn of a journalist from Football Club de Marseille, Nicolas Filhol, to reveal that the group of South Winners supporters have let it be known that the town hall of Marseilles would have told them that the sale of OM was acted. Since then, Twitter has been on fire.

Everyone is watching for the slightest clue to confirm the information. Unfortunately, not much to put in your mouth…

And for good reason. In this file, no “serious” source is to be deplored. The newspaper L’Équipe, le Parisien, la Provence or even Le Monde. None of these media wrote a line on the possible sale of OM. Only the journalist from Le Parisien, Mathieu Grégoire, spoke on the subject: “ It is very likely that McCourt is starting to get tired of having to reinject tens of millions of euros each year.

Either he can get tired and say he is leaving, or OM can find a good sporting and financial level and McCourt is less in a hurry and can wait for the right moment to have a good buyer who buy the club at full price. We are rather in there, we would wait for the right buyer over the next few years, in the medium term “.

Mathieu Grégoire is the first journalist to have followed Frank McCourt when he arrived in Marseille, he knows the American businessman and the OM file.

If he doesn’t talk about immediate sale…

McCourt denies again and again

Apart from rumors on social networks and a journalist certain of his revelations, no solid media to confirm that OM will not be sold.

And for his part, Frank McCourt has been sticking to one and the same course of action for a year: “ I am not a seller “. At each of his rare interventions in the media, he says it loud and clear and debunks all the rumours. Pablo Longoria, its president, does the same and hammers home the same speech: “ The rumors about the sale of the club surprise me.

Since January, the owner made a statement, he came here, he told the fans that this club is not for sale. I still talk to him about plans for the future. There is a lot of interest in destabilizing the club. For the moment, however, I am sorry to disappoint those who spread such rumours: Marseille are not for sale “.

Clearly, this “OM Sale” looks like a set-up affair. Who benefits from the crime? That’s the big question… One thing is certain, if nothing moves by this summer, it will clearly be a pretty windy file.

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