Elie Semoun prefers young women: “I think I stayed in love with my mother”

Elie Semoun confided in his difficulties in love. (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Discreet in recent months on the screens, Elie Semoun will attack “Fort Boyard”, this Saturday, July 2, 2022. A few months ago, the comedian revealed that he had separated from his companion, whom he described as a “little Liège”. The 59-year-old has never hidden that he prefers to have relationships with women younger than him.

In May 2020, when the confinement linked to Covid-19 had just ended, Elie Semoun had started a beautiful love story with a young woman, whose identity he has always protected. After having lived romances with Annie Florence Jeannesson, the mother of his son Antoine, then with the dancer Juliette Gernez, he fell under the spell of a young Belgian woman. The latter had represented a great support for the comedian, very touched by the death of his dad, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, in September 2020.

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Elie Semoun, seducer?

Unfortunately for the ex-comparess of Dieudonné, this love story ended at the end of 2021. Information confirmed by the main interested party on the RTL antenna in the program “Les Grosses Têtes”: It’s over, I am no longer with my little girl from Liège”, he mentioned with regret, before specifying that he was going to find his seductive side: “Now, yes, I am going to be a flirt. For a week I have been since I am single.” Elie Semoun did not want to say more about his ex-girlfriend, who had always wanted to remain anonymous. But his description suggested that she was younger than him.

This is not really surprising. The comedian has never hidden his attraction to women younger than him, just like Yann Moix who had caused controversy with his remarks about women over 50. For his part, Elie Semoun has another explanation to justify this attraction, as he confided in the columns of Gala: “I am always with girls younger than me because I myself have the impression of ‘to be younger than me. He also said: “My mother died at the age of 37, and I find it difficult to date women who are older than that age because I feel like I’m cheating on her. I think that I remained in love with my mother. I resent my childhood and my fantasies a little for not having prepared me enough for the reality of love. Because even today, I am swimming in the middle of sentimental immaturity.”

A childhood forged by the loss of his mother

Elie Semoun was only 11 years old when he lost his mother, Denise Malka. He paid tribute to him on stage with humor, as he had told Nice Matin in 2020: “I say that mom is very discreet, but that I will invite her to my side. And I arrive with an urn It took me a long time to write this sketch. I worked on it with Muriel Robin and Vincent Dedienne gave me a little hand too. We struggled. Because talking about his mother who died, it’s hot what … It’s complicated to be funny and moving, without being too indecent.

The comedian, who recently lost his father, has long resented the latter for having prevented him from attending his mother’s funeral: “The illness also allowed me to forgive him. For a long time I I wanted the attitude he had when my mom died, I was eleven years old and we weren’t at his funeral, we were even aware that two days after his death…”, he regretted in the columns of the Parisian. Now an orphan, he wants to send a message: “Tell your loved ones that you love them, don’t forget, many don’t do it, out of modesty, or put things off until later… “Too late, sometimes.


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