Ariane doubts Patrick’s confession | Lola sleeps with Jules – Plus belle la vie November 1, 2022 (episode 4651)

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4651 of Tuesday November 1, 2022 broadcast on France 3 with New TV. Boher and Nebout in the same boat. Ariane cannot believe Patrick’s confession. Betty and Kylian is once again the clash.

Read the complete recap PBLV season 18 episode 4651 of 01/11/2022 in preview with all the photos of the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Ariane facing Patrick a violent man, she can’t believe it

Find it full summary of More beautiful life of Tuesday, November 1, 2022 episode 4651 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 31/10/2022 . Nouvelles-Télé offers you the full summary of the episode below:

Boher shows Patrick the video of Léa where she says “Don’t try to find me or investigate or they will kill me”. Boher does not know what men want: he is convinced that they know a lot about them.
Patrick wants to tell Babeth the truth…Boher tells him not to say anything because Babeth could blunder and put Léa’s life in danger.

Betty confided to a masked man (for Halloween) that she made her boyfriend believe that she had an abortion when it was not true. Betty tries to find out who this person was.

Betty comes to Sunalee to find out who was behind the killer clown with the doctored voice. Sunalee doesn’t know, then she comes to question Lola. Betty looks for this clown to thank him.
Finally, she meets Kylian…and she recognizes his shoes! Kylian confesses, he told Betty that he didn’t want to trap her. She feels like he manipulated her into spending time with her. Kylian explains to Betty that he just wanted to help her.

lola more beautiful life

Lola falls for Betty’s cousin

Kylian reassures Betty, she won’t see her face anymore…he’s leaving for 6 months on a cargo ship. Betty replies that she hopes he never comes back.

Boher more beautiful life

Boher and Nebout in the same galley

Patrick Nebout arrives at the police station, everyone looks askance. He locks himself in his office.

During the Halloween party, Jules and Lola went out together, they slept upstairs in the mistral.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4651 of November 1, 2022: Patrick Nebout lies to the prosecutor and the press


Kylian remained anonymous under his mask

Nebout comes to see Revel following Sylvia’s complaint. He admits to having had an affair with this woman…and to having hit her. Revel tells him that his confession is serious, he advises Nebout to get a lawyer. Patrick says he fucked and he assumes.

In front of Eugénie, Nebout recognizes his affair and his violence towards Sylvia. Ariane cannot believe it. She tells Eugenie not to put it online, she is convinced that there is something wrong.

babeth more beautiful life

Babeth in shock after Patrick’s confession

The highlights of More beautiful life of November 1, 2022: what to remember

– Betty confided in Kylian during the Halloween party, she didn’t know it was him because of the mask
– Patrick Nebout decides to confess everything for Sylvia
– Ariane can’t believe Patrick did this, she thinks there’s something fishy.
– Boher revealed everything to Nebout about the kidnapping of Léa
– Jules and Lola the new lovers

To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie in advance of Wednesday, November 2, 2022 with episode 4652.

The news on the stop of Plus belle la vie which is formalized for November 18, 2022 with a last bounty to close the drama.
Don’t miss all the info on how does Plus belle la vie end (the end for each character) and information on what becomes of the PBLV actors after the series (their projects…).

Our opinion

The +

  • Jean-Paul and Patrick who are now united
  • Ariane who doesn’t buy everything Patrick says, as a good investigator, let’s hope she tries to find out more
  • Lola and Jules an unexpected couple… they had been together before. But Lola does not assume because she does not say anything to Betty


  • Betty and Kylian under the mask… it was a bit long, if you don’t like Betty… it’s the episode that will seem endless!

Main Cast

Anne Decis, Marwan Berreni, Cécila Hornus, Pierre Martot, Laurent Kérusoré, Léa François, Stéphane Henon…

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