Chanter, the act of resistance of Ukrainian artists on tour in Europe

After two days on the bus, they arrived this Wednesday morning in Toulouse, the first stage of their European tour. This is where, this Thursday, these Ukrainian musicians will perform on the Métronum stage for a major charity concert.

They left behind their families, their friends, sometimes one of the members of their group engaged in the defense of their country. As they crossed the countries of Europe, they learned that the bombs were falling on Lliv and the latest offensives of Putin’s army.

“It’s a very hard stress to manage, to think that during our absence, the city can be occupied, that people can be deported and worse than that. But on the other hand, I could not accept the idea of ​​​​not doing this concert, ”says Khrystyna Soloviy. This young singer, known in her country for her indie-pop melodies, decided to fight in her own way: by wielding words. Early March, to the tune of Italian supporters Bella Ciaoshe wrote Ukrainian fury where she evokes the heroes of her people rising up against the Russian aggressor. A song of resistance, in Ukrainian language. An important and common point for all those who accompany him on this tour which will pass through Brussels, Nantes or even Prague.

Sing in Ukrainian

Because in recent years, the majority of pop groups in their country have continued to use Russian rather than Ukrainian in their texts, the influence of the Kremlin on the culture still remaining strong. “We have always sung in Ukrainian, it is the language of our past. It is important because we are all descendants of someone, but they wanted us to erase this history, ”recalls Nazar, member of the group Patsyki z Franeka.

It was while discussing with one of his childhood friends who works in the European Parliament, and who is involved in the association Ukraine Connect, that he had the idea of ​​a tour. It was necessary to bring together committed artists, so he immediately thought of Khrystyna and Oleg Skypka of the rock-punk-folk group Vopli Vidopliassova, known for its militant positions. Everyone then embarked on this adventure, that of a tour to say “thank you” to all the Europeans who are mobilizing to support the Ukrainian people, such as the volunteers of the Ukraine Libre Toulouse association, which mobilized its troops to welcome them.

Say “thank you” to Europeans

Until the last moment, it could have gone wrong, the men needing special authorization to leave the country. But they were finally able to embark and set foot in France. A second homeland for Oleg Skypka who in the 1990s lived in Paris.

In the front row, the Ukrainian artists Oleg Skrypka, Khrystyna Soloviy and Nazar of the group Patsyki z Franeka will give a charity concert.
In the front row, the Ukrainian artists Oleg Skrypka, Khrystyna Soloviy and Nazar of the group Patsyki z Franeka will give a charity concert. – B. Colin / 20 Minutes

“Three days ago, I was playing in a military hospital and today we are sending medical equipment for the wounded from France. We want to say “thank you” to the Europeans and to the French people, without their help it would have been impossible to have such resistance”, assures the singer who has been able to continue to give concerts with the combatants during these last weeks. From February 24, he received calls from his friends in France, asking him what he needed. Artists who signed checks to give money to the army and who still can’t believe they have it.

With this tour in France, the Czech Republic or Belgium, all these artists want to “carry the Ukrainian word”. “I believe that the French people understand that Ukraine, with its blood and the lives it loses, protects Europe and the world like a shield”, assures Khrystyna Soloviy who wants to continue to raise awareness through her music. .

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