Ayem Nour and the “false” kidnapping of her son: “exhausted” and exhausted, she makes mind-blowing revelations

The case continues to make noise. Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Vincent Miclet accused Ayem Nour of having kidnapped their son Ayvin (6 years old) at school. If so far, the beautiful 33-year-old brunette had not reacted, she broke the silence through an audio unveiled in Do not touch My TVNovember 16.

Scandal on the planet people after Vincent Miclet accused Ayem Nour of having kidnapped their son. “Monday morning after dropping off my son at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother Farida took him from school without my consent and until the time when I speak to you, we have not no news from Ayvin. A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities. My son is on Moroccan soil but I don’t know where… Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know. Thanks“, could we read. In Instagram story, he then called his ex-girlfriend “witch“and had shared the story of a blogger who explained why, according to him, Ayem Nour had chosen to recover his son behind the father’s back. Namely the fact that he would have stopped paying him”her small pension of 5K with which she pays her debts and the rent of her country house“.

A version which according to our information was not at all good. Vincent Miclet and Ayem Nour had agreed to have custody of Ayvin every other week. The child was, by mutual agreement, schooled in Morocco since the start of the school year. And on November 14, it was the turn of the columnist of TPMP People to pick it up, like every fortnight. But the 57-year-old businessman would have refused. She went to Morocco despite everything and then went to pick him up at his school, with his mother Farida, warning his ex. A message to which he would not have replied. On Tuesday, the kidnapping alert was therefore posted, which prompted the beautiful brunette to immediately go to the authorities with the documents giving her custody of the child. Currently, she is doing what is necessary, with the authorities, to return as quickly as possible to France in order to educate Ayvin there, and to put an end to this moral agreement of shared custody.

Ayem Nour breaks the silence

But Ayem Nour is faced with a major problem as she confided in Do not touch My TV this Wednesday. After explaining that his relationship with Vincent Miclet was “chaotic, full of blackmail, threats, dictatorship, psychological harassment“for years she confessed that she was”exhaustedand that she didn’t know how she hadn’t killed herself yet with all that she was going through. I haven’t slept for four days, spending my life in courts and police stations. There, he filed a complaint the day before yesterday for child abduction. But there’s no kidnapping since I have custody. And there this morning I discovered that he also filed a complaint so that I could not leave Moroccan territory“, she continued.

Ayem Nour cannot currently return to France with Ayvin, because it is the father who is in possession of the little boy’s passport. “As I speak to you, I am stuck in Morocco with my son because he does not want to return my son’s passport. I can’t even get out of my room because I have people taking pictures of me without my knowledge. I live a nightmare“, she explained. Despite everything, she obtained a first victory since the Moroccan authorities refused Vincent Miclet’s request to recover her child, aligning herself with the court decision taken in France. “On the other hand, with regard to the return of my child’s passport – although the court asked Vincent Miclet to return it, which he refused, editor’s note -, they asked me to take other steps, because this was not their responsibility“, she concluded.

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