“A butcher’s shop”: The plastic surgeon of reality TV stars faces heavy charges

the Dr Benjamin Azoulay is one of those doctors who have become (almost) stars on social networks. Thus, working the certainly juicy network of reality TV, the Parisian doctor is followed by nearly 50,000 subscribers on Instagram. Today, this reputation is tainted by a questioned by many women, having been operated on or having received injectionsaccording to our colleagues from the newspaper The Parisian. Some of his alleged victims evoke a “butcher’s shop and one of them claims that his life isscrewed up. Others are organizing to hold Dr. Benjamin Azoulay accountable to them. He defends himself, in the columns of the newspaper.

Among these angry patients, there are two influencers who have gone through the box of reality TV: Luna Skye and Emilie Amar. They play the whistleblowers and hope to gather other testimonies and make sure “stop it“. So far, they are six to testify against the man who operated or “corrected” them between 2014 and 2022. At 41, the specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery has made a beautiful notebook of addresses who comes to see him in his office in the 16th arrondissement of Paris or in several clinics in the capital where he practices. All denounce “an inhuman doctor“, interventions “missed“, with photos and medical examinations as proof.

“He injected me in one of the rooms”

Already Luna Skye and Emilie Amar had delivered a chilling account of their meeting with the doctor, in the columns of Release. They evoked a life that had become an ordeal since they had recourse to HYAcorp, in order to have a more curved buttocks. The candidate of Marseilles 26-year-old had eight hospital stays, two of them in intensive care, between life and death, reports The Parisian, this Thursday, May 5. In question ? The young woman who paid 7,000 euros to receive 40 syringes per buttock has staphylococcus and sepsis. On the side of Emilie Amar, the former companion of Paga, was the victim of a drug-induced hepatitis and Clostridium difficile (bacteria causing inflammation of the colon).

The meeting between Benjamin Azoulay and Luna Skye took place, according to her, in Dubai during a birthday in June 2021. ” The doctor was among the guests, I did not know him. The next day, he had to give injections to a friend. He had some product left, he offered some to me. I hesitated, the place was not sterile but he repeated that there was no risk. He injected me in one of the rooms“, she let know. A practice “strictly prohibited in France“, as specified by the Ministry of Health to our colleagues. She and Emilie Amar, who have “each of the physiological and psychological sequelae“, approached a lawyer.

The answer of Dr. Benjamin Azoulay

Other patients, more anonymous than the two influencers, also deliver chilling stories. An MRI showing an injection of the product into the muscle, which could have caused a fatal embolism, a crooked right nostril with skin stuck to the bone, hemorrhage the day after the intervention… Practitioner Benjamin Azoulay has already been sanctioned by the National Disciplinary Chamber of the Order of Physicians – a two-year ban on practicing, one of which is suspended – for having repeatedly “violated medical secrecy and brought the profession into disrepute“, filming the interventions without hiding the faces of his patients. “I will attack anyone who dares to damage my reputation“, says the doctor, who denies all these allegations and denounces a vendetta.

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