Saints Row preview: The open-world action-adventure game to watch before GTA 6?

Preview Saints Row: The open-world action-adventure game to watch before GTA 6?

A month before its official release (August 23, 2022) on PC and home consoles, Saints Row and its protagonist The Boss have finally let themselves be approached. Does the open-world action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver keep all its promises? Is this reboot of the franchise a credible alternative to Grand Theft Auto? Here are the first answers.

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During an event organized in the Paris region by Koch Media, the JV editorial team was able to discover the first missions and the universe of Saints Row (2022) during a 4-hour PC game session. . The preview below focuses on the gameplay, the open world and the technical aspect of the title. To learn more about the scenario, the general concept of the game and customization, we invite you to consult our previous publications.

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Welcome to Santo Ileso

Saints Row (2022) stands out from the competition, and first and foremost GTA, by its desire to offer a unique environment with multiple inspirations, where the Rockstar saga takes up the architecture and codes of major North American cities (Los Angeles, Miami, New York). It is good to stroll in this city designed from scratch by the artists of Volition, a city divided into districts with very marked atmospheres. These districts, which are 9 in number, are full of activities of all kinds. El Dorado, Financial, Montevista, Rodeo, etc. has a culture, an atmosphere, tones and sounds that belong only to them. Wandering around the city and discovering its mysteries becomes an activity in its own right.

Bigger – Better – Stronger, such is Volition’s credo on this new episode of the Saints Row series. However, the American studios are not at any time trying to offer the largest open world ever generated. On the contrary, they rely on a coherent, wild and rich in content universe. Between the main campaign, the dozens of secondary missions, the businesses to develop without forgetting the side quests, each crazier than the other, Santo Ileso promises the most relentless players dozens of hours of play in perspective. Be careful, however, not to fall into a certain redundancy born of a hypothetical copy-paste to the four corners of the map. Activities must be repeated frequently or risk disappointing open world enthusiasts.

This reboot of the adventures of The Boss even benefits from a brand new game engine developed especially for the occasion by Volition studios. This decision allows Saints Row (2022) to offer partially destructible environments, real-time destruction of vehicles and visuals worthy of the new console generation (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S). This action-adventure game nevertheless suffers from a very relative viewing distance, clipping (appearance of elements) and animations that are still too rigid. This reboot enjoys in return a stable framerate and a resolution at the height of modern PCs and consoles.

The art of gang warfare

The Saints Row franchise has never cut corners. The Boss and the Saints gang never hesitate to make the powder talk and to take up arms to achieve their ends. This third-person shooter developed by Volition takes up the arcade gameplay that made the success of previous episodes in the past. The gunfights and chases follow one another at a frantic pace with a propensity for anything assumed. This adventure inspired by action films from the 80s and 90s aims to be Over the Top in all circumstances, accessible to as many people as possible, without making it easy.

Saints Row is neither an easy game nor a difficult game. He manages, so to speak, to dose the difficulty in order to offer intense sequences where our heroes come close to death while conscientiously avoiding frustrating the players. Game Over sometimes knocks on the door, even if it turns out to be quite rare. Above all, the title of Deep Silver is ultra fun and pleasant to learn. The action is intended to be explosive, leaves little rest to The Boss, and encourages initiative. The mere fact of having to eliminate enemies in close combat to regain life or recover ammunition energizes the many fights.

Sometimes rough, but never uninteresting and above all generous, Saints Row does everything possible to entertain its audience, even if it means falling into the most total What the F*ck. Good for him, because the saga has always played this card with panache. The tone so characteristic of the series, the bold humor that hits below the belt and the punchlines by the dozen make this new opus the worthy heir to Saints Row, even if its a little more down to earth approach could disconcert the first hour fans. Finally, Saints Row lives with the times, and finally speaks to all gaming communities. “Be Your Own Boss”… the motto of the Saints takes on its full meaning here.

Saints Row: The open-world action-adventure game to watch before GTA 6?

Our impressions

Can Saints Row overshadow GTA? Difficult to say after a few hours of play, but the title of Volition and Deep Silver is definitely fun, generous and fits perfectly into the saga. This action-adventure game offers players an open world of countless opportunities, thrilling gang warfare, action and more action. Only the few technical mistakes encountered and a hypothetical repetitiveness could thwart the plans of The Boss and his advent.

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