Florent Pagny cancer victim: his son shares an impressive video on the Web!

Although he is discreet, it sometimes happens that Inca, the son of Florent Pagny, gives news through social networks. Recently, it was on a plane that we could see the young man. We give you more details about it.

A very rare video of the son of the singer

Florent Pagny has accomplished great things over the past few decades. If he has released quite a few records, this one is also fulfilled in private life. In a relationship with the beautiful Azucena, he is the father of two children. His daughter is also a photography enthusiast and often takes pictures of him.

As for the eldest, Inca, this one seems to be an amateur of aeronautics to believe his latest post. Indeed, on his Instagram account, Inca had amazed Internet users by revealing himself at the controls of a plane.

Quickly, his post collected many reactions from its subscribers. His sister, Aël, also seemed dazzled by this video as we can see in the comments. Remember that a few weeks ago, Inca and her little sister took advantage of a short trip to Iceland.

They took advantage of this little trip to take pictures. Moreover, Aël had photographed his brother alongside his girlfriend. A cliche that Inca notably posted on his Instagram account.

How is Florent Pagny?

If Florent Pagny’s children are doing well, let’s not forget that the singer went through a delicate period. At the beginning of January 2022, fans of Florent Pagny received heartbreaking news from their idol.

Through a video shared on Instagramthe coach of “The Voice” revealed to have cancer. Consequently, he had to pause the 60-year-old tour to do chemotherapy sessions.

Facing this disease, Florent always kept his head held high. The results of his chemo also appeared to be positive. Indeed, as revealed by the singer at Gala, his tumor “about the size of a good kiwi” has passed “with a hazelnut” after two chemos.

He notably affirmed, during this interview dating from May 2022, that he came out of the tunnel. This disease, according to him, “redefined the meaning of its priorities”.

Two months after this interview with Florent Pagny, it was one of her close friends who gave her news. This is singer Anggun. The latter, she says, takes ” regularly “ news of the singer.

Anggun also assured that Florent Pagny is in good spirits, in the face of his illness. She also adds that the unfailing support of the French touched the companion of Azucena.

Éric Serra gives his news

It’s not just Anggun who takes news of Florent Pagny. Éric Serra also did the same thing. Remember that the two men had health issues at the same time. Thus, it is quite normal if they supported each other during their illness. In the columns of Le Parisien, July 20, 2022, Éric Serra said:

“We talked a lot with Florent. It happened to us right at the same time.”

Eric also clarified that his cancer was different from that of the singer, but their fight remains the same. Their chemo sessions were “spaced at the same interval”, according to him. During this interview, Azucena’s dad’s friend notably gave news of it.

According to Éric Serra, Florent Pagny is “particularly positive”with respect to his health. He even said that the interpreter of ” Know how to love “ would have ” the Peach “ right now. Very reassuring news.

Today, therefore, Florent Pagny no longer expects him to be completely cured of his cancer. In their July 15, 2022 issue, Here revealed that the singer had rested at his property in Portugal after the final of “The Voice”. He then returned to the capital for medical examinations.

The musician would also have regained weight, although his treatment had very tired. There is no doubt that Florent Pagny can count on his family during this battle. His fans are also supporting him as best they can. The editorial staff also wishes a speedy recovery to the singer!

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