Four advantages of a self-consumption photovoltaic installation

According to an Opinionway survey, 79% of French people want to equip themselves with photovoltaic panels allowing them to produce electricity for direct consumption and 82% of them believe that renewable energies promote energy independence. Since 2007, it has been legal to consume your own electricity. Discover four of the advantages that photovoltaic self-consumption offers.

Contribute to the energy transition

L’photovoltaic self-consumption is the consumption of its own electricity production from non-polluting and abundant energy: solar energy. The sun, unlike the wind, is a constant. Although some days are overcast and the amount of radiation received by the solar panels will depend on the region in which they are located, the sun rises every day and allows energy to be produced.

This new method is being developed among French individuals and companies in a context where the production costs of the installations ofrenewable energies are falling and electricity prices are rising. According to the manager of France’s public electricity transmission network (RTE), the country could have four million residential self-consumers by 2035.

Not very restrictive to install and increasingly accessible, photovoltaic installations offer great prospects for the energy transition. Data transmitted by Enedis, the manager of the French public electricity distribution network, testifies to an exponential growth in the number of connections of installations to the network in recent years: 13,877 at the end of June 2017, 28,305 in 2018, 52,096 in 2019 and soar to more than 100,000 in 2021. This equipment is 99.4% photovoltaic in nature, compared to 0.3% for wind power and 0.1% for hydropower.

Produce your own electricity

To self-consume electricity, it is generally necessary to install solar panels at home. The panels are connected to one or more inverters which convert the direct current produced into alternating current identical to that of the network and usable at home. Thus, the photovoltaic installation directly supports part of the daily consumption. The national network is only called upon occasionally to recover the unused surplus thanks to a meter which makes it possible to jointly measure the production injected into the network and the consumption.

In 2019, a study published in The Parisian claimed that 63% of French people said they were interested in self-consuming their energy. The possibility of switching to renewable energies by producing your own electricity and selling the surplus produced on the network is appealing!

Save money

On the one hand, switching to self-consumption protects against increase in the price of electricity. According to INSEE, the price of electricity increased by almost 50% between 2007 and 2016 alone.

On the other hand, it allows above all to reduce your electricity bill since you consume your own production, with even the guarantee that the State undertakes to buy your surplus by contract for 20 years. In addition, total control of the production chain also leads to awareness of its consumption. For example, it allows us to get a closer look at our daily energy needs, the time and the way in which we use electricity. Ultimately, this may also involve a change in consumption habitsfor example by putting his machine on during the day when the panels are producing rather than in the evening.

Enhance your real estate assets

With a balanced budget reached in 8 to 12 years, solar energy is one of the best investments you can make, while allowing you to save money differently today.

To give value to your home while investing in renewable energies, the installation of installations can be a solution, especially if it is coupled with construction work.‘thermal insulation (floor, roof, walls) and the energy renovation of one’s home, the main sources of savings on the bill. As a general rule, a property with an energy diagnosis with a better rating than another will sell faster and more expensively.

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